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Minister announces curriculum timelines for schools and kura

13 June 2024

The Minister of Education has provided information about the timing for updating the national curriculum – The New Zealand Curriculum for English medium, and Te Marautanga o Aotearoa for Māori medium. 

Both The New Zealand Curriculum (NZC) and Te Marautanga o Aotearoa (TMoA) are being updated and made available in phases, and schools and kura have until the beginning of 2027 to start using the fully refreshed national curriculum.  


  • Term 1, 2025 – Schools and kura will need to teach the updated English and Te Reo Rangatira curriculum for Years 0 to 6.  

  • Term 1, 2026 – Schools and kura will need to teach the updated English and Te Reo Rangatira for Years 7 to 13, and mathematics and statistics and Pāngarau for Years 0 to 13. 

  • Term 1, 2027 – The updated national curriculum will be required. This includes the other learning areas from the NZC (science, technology, health and PE, learning languages, the arts, and social sciences), and the other wāhanga ako from TMoA (Te Ao Māori, Pūtaiao me te Hangarau, Toi Ihiihi, Waiora, Te Reo Pākehā, and Ngā Reo). 

The timelines support the rollout of structured approaches to learning, as well as the rephased NCEA change programme, which will now be delivered in 2028 (Level 2) and 2029 (Level 3). 

Schools and kura will have the opportunity to review and test draft curriculum content before it becomes required. The first opportunity for feedback will be in Term 3, 2024, when the content for English and Te Reo Rangatira (Years 0-6) will be available for review. 

English and Te Reo Rangatira (Years 7-13), maths and Pāngarau (Years 0-13), science (Years 0-13) and technology (Years 0-13) will be available to use in Term 4, 2024, and schools can provide feedback on them in the first half of 2025.  

The remaining content will be available for review before it is finalised for use. 

More information about the updated timelines and direction for the national curriculum is available here:

National curriculum changes

Please note this version has been updated on 14 June 2024 to correct an error in the timeline for Te Marautanga o Aotearoa on page 2

Other changes 

  • Evidence-based teaching practices will be included in the national curriculum, sitting alongside the knowledge, skills, and capabilities being taught.
  • For Years 11 – 13, learning areas and wāhanga ako will be broken out into subjects to more clearly align with NCEA achievement standards and senior secondary programmes of learning.

More detail about the New Zealand Curriculum Refresh 

More detail about Te Marautanga o Aotearoa redesign